What should a business website do?

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February 9, 2022

A good business website should…

Your company website’s job is to provide information that answers your prospective customers questions when they are searching online for a solution to a problem or a means to reach a goal. And it must do this well so that the search engines find you and deliver your page to a prospect’s browser. You can read an article about creating buyer profiles, read here.

Lead Generation

Building and maintaining a company website to reach out and answer your potential future customers questions is an ongoing task. There are many living parts to a functioning website, at least virtually. Keywords and content development for good organic search engine ranking is an ongoing process. This could be informational or sales-oriented materials.

Ranking high on the keywords associated with your business goals is the process that we help manage. Your brand awareness is a constantly evolving process. And it takes time to build. But committing to a program of design and development according to an action plan will benefit your sales efforts.

building planCharleyBlue Designs uses web design tools to help keep the cost of website development affordable. We use the WordPress Content Management System – CMS for short – which uses a themes-based method to help with the design process. We take this step a lot further with the use of a premium paid theme. This allows for reducing the need for extensive coding that increases the complexity and cost of a website project.

Content Management System — CMS

In case you are wondering, WordPress CMS makes up about 44% of all websites and 65% of all websites using a CMS1. A CMS takes care of much of the behind the scenes work on the server side. WordPress is popular for its open-source ease of use.

Design for your prospects needs!

Getting back to designing a winning website for your business. We need to learn all we can about what makes your company special. Not only the industry you are in and the regional aspects. We need to learn and emphasis your value proposition.

If you do not have a value proposition for your company, we can help you define yours. We will have to get to know you and your motivations behind your business. Then we take this knowledge and start painting a picture your prospects can relate to.

It’s all about the customer

The value proposition gives direction. Learning what problems your prospects are facing and offering the best solution is what you should develop. Provide great content that ranks high on Google. Relevant content that provides information that encourages users to stay and explore. Let them learn about your brilliance by providing reasons for them to stay and read, watch, listen.

Let’s get your website rocking!

Take a look at one of our construction website design projects for Master Floors LLC of Reno, Nevada here. And here is another website project for Master Custom Painting LLC also of Reno, Nevada.

Putting together the content that you will share with the world on the internet is what we do at CharleyBlue Designs. When you hire me for your digital marketing program, I will make sure that your company is on the forefront of SEO Content Development and Deployment. I will make your company top priority for Search Engine Optimization through our content development creativity.

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