What is Your Company’s Content?

Charley Blewett - founder of CharleyBlue Designs

Written by Charley Blewett

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August 28, 2020

Content is King!

What are we talking about when we ask for the content for your company’s website or social media posts? Easy, it consist of the written words, images, audio and video files that you intend to use on these platforms. See, I told you that it was easy! Then why all of the fuss over your company’s marketing and other presentational content?

That is easy as well. Your published content is the backbone of your brand and your image. It represents your core values, your messages to your customers, the presentation of your products or services in a marketplace, your employee relationships, and your relationship with the community your interact with as a business. These details about your company that you share with the world – your market, your customers, and community – are important considerations when designing any informational content delivery system. The end result is important as it is a means of positive image building.

Marketing Strategy

The information that you publish in the digital marketplace needs to be planned with some level of precision. Hopefully, you have already identified your target market, whether by geographical or other means, so now you must decide how you will reach them and what information you want to share. Written information should follow closely with your company’s value statement and mission. Selling your products and services are the key to profit but communicating why you are doing these things becomes the major selling point.

Money is in the Details!

Your company website is the first place to start on the content sharing journey taken by all modern entities selling a set of services or products. A well planned and executed website allows you to build into the other digital marketing platforms such as your social media posts or content marketing in the areas of your company’s expertise. (Note: content marketing is another marketing strategy ends but is outside of the scope of this article. Maybe a topic for a future post?)

Brand | Image | Relationships | Strengths

What are your whys of being in business? What passions do you bring to the landscape of business culture we participate in today?


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