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Small Business Focused – Broad Reach Websites!

Getting your company’s message out to an audience looking for your unique solutions is our main focus. CharleyBlue Designs offers you a web design process that will effectively broadcast your customer-value to an appropriate target audience to help you increase sales.

We help you with the creative process through Digital Marketing strategies that make you and your brand stand out. SEO and Keyword Research is high priority. Building your Domain Authority for a competitive advantage.

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Fast — Affordable — Business-Specific Web Design Services

Effective digital communication

Communicate your business’s service or product offerings with an effective website program. We will learn your mission and your value proposition. This represents your benefit to future customers searching the internet for your solutions. And letting them know why this is significant to them.

We will match you, your industry, your unique position with keyword research for organic Search Engine Optimization. Organic ranking on Google and Bing to increase your web authority.

Your content presented to your target audience answering their basic questions. Gain new sales inquiries. Well written copy, responsive web design, meta data, and easy navigation are just a few of the goals we will help you meet.

A Brief Tour!

  • We learn about your company
  • You pick a layout design from 100’s of choices
  • We collaborate and adjust for your brand uniqueness
  • We add your business content to WordPress
  • We launch your design to reach your prospects

It’s really that simple! Our system uses premade Divi Theme Layouts so you save money on development costs. Preview the many Divi Design Layouts here.

Then we take your business identity – your brand, what sets you apart from your competitors, and deliver a website to impress your desired audience.

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Content is King!

The more content that you have ready to go, the more savings we pass on to you. What’s content?

  • Branding – like your company logo, colors scheme, etc.
  • Images of your Products or Services and other graphic arts
  • The Written word – describing your services or products and what sets you apart
  • Content Marketing through blog posts and white papers
  • Marketing videos, podcasts, etc.
  • SEO, Keywords, Meta Description, Headings, ect.

We will put together your company’s content with the goal of gaining new sales. Bottom line – a website doesn’t have to cost too much to successfully perform your digital marketing goals of reaching out to your target audience.

Cost Savings for You!

We gather together your website content and then plug this into your design layout. Behold your newly built WordPress Website.

  • Your cost depends on how much content is ready to go
  • Pricing start at $899 for a simple business website
  • Copywriting and content creation services are available to you
  • Image editing for resposnive design are available

We can host your new website!

    • Managed WordPress Hosting
      • Constant Cyber Security
      • Server Caching Performance
      • Software updates
      • WordPress hosting support 24-7

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Get your free web design consultation

Let’s talk about your business and take your online digital vision to the top. Designed to stand out in the crowd. We’ll learn what makes your company tick. And then present this artfully to your audience.

Divi Layout screenshot

Divi Layout Library

The Divi Layout Gallery covers many design direction so that your brand is perfectly represented.

  • 13 Categories of Designs
  • Art & Design
  • Business & Services
  • 269 Layout Packs
  • 1979 Total Layouts
value proposition

Powerful cost-effective websites built for digital marketing success!

Your company — brand, industry, prospects/audience — our number one focus for each client project

  • Keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content creation service
  • Copywriting service
  • Responsive designs

We specialize in helping small business owners create and manage their online presence.

We pass the savings on to you for quick turnaround. Keeping the costs down while bringing prospects to your digital doorstep.

CharleyBlue Designs digital highway feature image

Learn more about CharleyBlue Designs!

I started off learning to coding but discovered a passion in the world of information creation and presentation.

Content Creation | Copywriting | Design | Graphic Arts

Marketing requires focused and dedicated effort to be successful and I want to help your company rise above the masses.

CharleyBlue Designs was founded by me, Charley Blewett in 2018 to follow this passion and help local small businesses set up and host their websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us create website content?

Absolutely! We love to write website content. That is why we ask so many questions about your business, your industry, your specialties, and other things that set you apart from the masses.

Be sure to call us for more details. Our office number is 775-525-6212 extension 2

Do you edit images?

Images give your website its own unique feel that reenforces your brand identity. Images provide visual breaks from text. Images help provide context. Images promote your brand.

Images must be responsive meaning they will look good on all devices.

We provide image editing service:

  1. To reduce the file size for different screen sizes.
  2. To crop for art direction. Portrait or Landscape orientation.
Do you provide other graphics services?
We can provide some vector artwork using Inkscape vector art software.

We can provide editing of vector artwork.

Call us for more info about our graphic arts services at 775-525-6212 extension 2.

What are your payment options?

We currently accept payment via PayPal or QuickBooks ACH.

We do not accept credit cards nor checks. Exception: Local Northern Nevada clients can pay by check.

What is your refund policy?

First, we meet – virtually or in-person for free. We’ll discuss and learn about your company’s digital marketing plan. We will then talk about a plan of action and costs.

This will include some design direction. This will include talk about your costs. This will include the terms and conditions of our design and hosting plans.

At this point, no money is involved!

If we come to an agreement and you decide to sign with us…we will begin working for you and your compnay.

When we agree to a plan of action and you sign with us, you will have five business days to change your mind.

After the 5-business day wait, we will execute our agreement and no refunds will be available once we start building your website.

Learn more about CharleyBlue Designs

Visit our home page to see more about us and how we can help your small business succeed! Visit CharleyBlue Designs Home Page

Need More Info?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to call or drop us a line anytime.

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