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Start with Your Business Plan

Starting a Business is EXCITING

I just received a request for help with starting a business. My son-in-law wants to open a mobile service operation. I advised my daughter for them to write a business plan.

She asked where to start so advising to write the plan was easy. And then I sent some reference materials.

Links to Small Business Administrations’ helpful website. Links to their state’s resources. Now I have to wait to see the initiative they both take.

I encouraged them to read all they can. Call me with any questions. And keep the dream alive.

The business plan, I learned a long time ago, forces you to think through the elements of operation.

Observations of our small business clients over the last 13 years – as well as my own mistakes – has identified key trouble spots for new owners.

First … you are no longer an employee. Yes, you should take all lessons learned while in the workforce.

But now you have to provide for everything. Most businesses that we help are not freelancers. And they usually need to hire a workforce of their own.

This is the second thing … you are now an employer. If you hire friends – this happens a lot – you WILL have to make tough decisions.

And your friends may not like those orders. But, you are now in business and the head manager. So this is an area that should be thoroughly planned too.

Having gone through the pain and rewards of developing a small business, I applaud the other SMEs founders.

It’s a risk taking on this new role. There are many support resources out there but it all boils down to the new owner. Who must decide to put in the work and take on the new perspective of owner/manager.

One as an owner of a business entity . . . and not an employee.

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