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August 5, 2021

Search Engine Optimization Relies on your Website’s Content

Getting your website to rank higher on Search Engine Results — Yahoo, Bing Google, Etc. — requires that you create good quality and relevant content that relates to your business and marketing objectives. I like to start with getting to know what a business is about, including things like the company’s values and mission. Your branding is important but first, getting the website’s content to relate to your company’s core values as well as the industry specifics including the services or products provided and sold to you customers.

Reaching Higher Organic Search Ranking – Be the Subject Matter Expert

You company is the authority on your industry and you should reflect this in the written content that is created for your website. The keywords that you use both in the written content and the web pages meta data should relate to this industry expert status your company enjoys. Giving the Search Engine’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots the relevant data to read over supported by links from other websites with similar authority will help you rank higher on the search results page your target market is looking for from someone.

Each page’s title should relate to a keyword phrase that your have created through your keyword research process. The heading level one should also follow this best practice in giving the search engine’s AI bots something good to rank your website through relating your heading keywords to other websites with similar content. When the Search Engine Robots index your website, you will want to have content that coherently relates to your marketing objective and reason for having a web page. Here is Bing’s Keyword Research Tool. Of course, Google has many tools as well for SEO.

Digital marketing efforts including your company’s website, social media pages, and effective paid advertising – either on the major search engines or social media platforms – are an important part of business marketing plan today. If you would like to discuss how C & M Companies Inc marketing division, CharleyBlue Designs can help you create and implement a sound digital marketing strategy, call us to set up a free consultation to discus your options.

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  1. Charley Blewett

    Improving SEO requires time. The search engines must crawl your site and rank it partly through your content quality as well as internal and external links.

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