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December 31, 2021

A detailed contractor’s website project

This website design was one of my most intensive projects to date. I began by developing an extensive menu hierarchy after a detailed interview with the owner/contractor. I have lived in Northern Nevada for almost 20 years and have worked on quite a few construction and commercial remodel projects. Knowing the ins and outs of construction and contracting allowed me to ask this owner the right questions about his specialty – Finish Carpentry – But specializing in plank flooring installations and existing hardwood flooring renovations/refinishing. You can view Master Floors LLC website here.

SEO content development

My research involved interviews with the owner and his lead installer. I also watched a few installation projects that were in progress. My internet research consisted of reaching out to flooring suppliers to learn about the different plank flooring options people were considering to purchase and install in their homes. I immersed myself in learning about this specialty contractor’s business model, target prospects’ needs and desires, industry standards, and Nevada requirements and realities.

I learned a great deal about the different engineered and natural hardwood plank flooring options available to homeowners. From the synthetic laminates and vinyl plank & tile flooring options on the economical side to the higher-end natural plank hardwoods. Then there is the labor and budget realities of the purchase and installation of a click-lock flooring system compared to the detailed skill set required in repairing an existing hardwood flooring investment.

Images and editing!

image of a staircase installation by my client, Master Floors LLC

Custom Staircase project

This User Experience/User Interface – UX/UI – project required the use of many client-taken photographs. I wanted to show the prospects the value provided to them by considering this contractor for their home improvement project. This client also had a company logo and colors that ran from oranges to browns. I incorporated this preexisting design scheme into my UI/UX efforts.

I also wanted to convey a focused sense of craftsmanship, pride, and value to the prospects. And these prospects are within a local market, so I put Norhtern Nevada into the content to define location. As with all of my client website work, this site is in a state of constant improvements. I value the efforts this and all clients make in creating and developing a small business footprint in our local marketplace creating value for their customers and employment to local citizens.

I want to help your company succeed with a detailed web marketing plan

At CharleyBlue Designs, I will dedicate my efforts in defining your target audience with the goal of having prospects reach out to you for your estimate. The more inquiries you get, the more success you will realize in the contracting world. It would be a privilege to help your small contracting firm design, develop, and present to the world your digital marketing footprint. Call me, Charley Blewett at 775-525-6212 ext. 2 and let’s get to work on your company’s website design for continued success. You can also view some of my work here.


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