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December 29, 2021

Web Design & Copywriting for a local Painting Contractor

This was a challenging project. The design brief was totally up to me to create. I used my construction experience, questioned my client to gather as much information as possible, and then did the research on painting contracting in Reno, Nevada. As you can see on this client’s home page, there are some edited client-taken photographs of their custom painting projects. I then created an about section featuring facts about the owner and his experience. I used what testimonials I could gather and encouraged this client to seek more from his customers.

Challenge accepted – Website designed for local SEO!

My challenge was to create enough content through the writing process geared towards prospects seeking custom painting services in the local market. I put together this limited information into a visual design to reach the high-end homeowners that he specializes in benefiting. The end results can be viewed here at Master Custom Painting LLC.

bureau of econimic analysis chart of the construction industry gdp for 3 years

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Construction Industry GDP Graph

Painting contracting and the coatings industry, a subdivision of the Construction Industry, like most business activity in the age of COVID, took a big economic hit between quarters 1 & 3 in 2020. As shown for the construction industry in the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis chart to the left, the total construction GDP is making a good comeback.

Reno, Nevada Market Analysis

Of the 276,000 homeowners in the Reno metropolitan area, everyone will need painting services at one time or another over the lifetime of their homeownership. I estimate 25% of these homeowners will be Do-it-Yourself home maintenance prospects leaving around 207,000 homeowners who will eventually need to hire a painting contractor. An estimated 10% – 20% of these will (ideally) be needing exterior painting in any given season, for an estimate of 31,000 homes in this market. Of these, I estimate about 50% will be seeking out a competent Nevada licensed painting contractor or around 15,000 households that we need to reach out to. The approximate number of signed contracts needed each year for this small business to obtain is around 50 to sustain their comfort level.

SEO & Keyword Research

To reach these households I used keyword research concentrating on an ideal audience of married homeowners between the ages of 30 – 70 with income greater than $65,000. The wide age gap is due to the nature of contracting and this target market persona. The SEO and keywords are developed for both brand awareness and painting contracting keyword results.

An ongoing process

All of my client’s websites are a continuing work in progress. Images need updating. Client testimonials need regular attention. And the copy itself must be updated with new information and improved copy as we learn together about the business’s durability and profitability journey. As in life, business is a constant change management process. Website maintenance is no different.

Let’s talk about your client-reaching web design project

I invite you to call and talk to me about your prospective customer reach through digital marketing channels. I want to help you build your company through website copywriting and design for SEO reach. I can be reached at 775-525-6212 ext. 2 I look forward to helping you build your brand through digital marketing channels.


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