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December 29, 2021

A website designed for an exceptional accounting firm’s market reach

This website design project reflects how this company, C & M Bookkeeping, approaches and values all of their customers – with dedicated accounting help for small business operators in Northern Nevada. They provide accurate bookkeeping and payroll services to their community’s small business owners. They help these businesses tackle the important accounting tasks so their customers stay competitive in a tight economic market.

Building an accounting website for SEO & usability!

In this design, I show the details of their operations while committing to organic Search Engine Optimization – SEO. This included writing informational copy about their specialties as well as the community’s distinctive business climate. This approach targets their service area – the local Reno, Nevada small to medium business market – as well as their unique service offerings.

I had fun creating the graphics using QuickBooks Accounting Software screenshots. I have also updated this website a number of times over the years, including a major design-brief overhaul. As with all of my client’s website projects, I am always on the lookout for areas of improvement. This company’s website has presented the best education in web design, WordPress management, and upgrading it was my first published efforts back in 2011. As I continue to evolve in my abilities, it will be reflected in my client’s website.

A Brief History!

For full disclosure, C & M Bookkeeping was founded in 2011 by my partner and husband, Manuel Rivera, and myself with the goal of providing an income in a field that best fit my husband’s background. It was set up as a Nevada LLC. In December 2019, we closed C & M Bookkeeping LLC and in January 2020 formed a new corporation, C and M Companies Inc, which is now the parent company to our two brands – C & M Bookkeeping and the marketing brand, CharleyBlue Designs

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