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February 18, 2022

6 Ways your Business Can Reach Prospects Through Content Marketing

Your company website should include content that relates to your prospective customer’s needs. You should cover topics that your prospective customers are seeking answers and relate to your business. Write about your customers problems and your recommendations for a solution that you can provide.

Creating good content that helps promote your business through online information geared towards your area of expertise which also solves a prospects problem. Here are some tips to meet these values and help your brand grow through online content creation.

  1. Interview your Customer Service Representatives. If this is you, great! Ask them (you) to compile a list of frequently asked questions from client’s calls. Include both prospect new clients’ calls and questions from existing customers. This in turn can form the basis of a FAQ page on your website. They also can be used for ideas for blog posts that address a single concern your prospects have.
  2. Review social media posts for ideas – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – are good place to follow others in your industry. They may have content creation ideas for you to put your own unique spin on. Join industry groups that fit your company’s unique business profile.
  3. Online forums are another great resource for content ideas that will be specific to your industry and possibly region. Quora and Reddit have many topics that will probably parallel your business.
  4. Interview your customers after the sale. No matter your business model – product sales or service offerings – ask your clients what you could have done better or differently to make their life easier. Then incorporate this new knowledge into your website.
  5. Build a blog page that has information to help alleviate your prospects problems through thoughtful articles. Use the knowledge gained through the above means to get the topics for each article.
  6. Makes sure you create and include a FAQ page on your website that tackles the common questions you have learned through these prior steps.

Manage your online content to answer customer pain-points and gain new leads

Make content that fits your business and contributes towards the value you offer to your customers. Read our last article for some other ideas on your websites’ duties. The search engines read your material and rank it based on other factors. What type of business are you operating? What do your web pages contain in the meta data, titles, and headings. Does the additional content support this?

These topics help you reach new leads through the search engines – Google and Bing. When they read and index your website, these blog articles and FAQ’s will get ranked along with the other pages on your website. The keywords that relate towards your business used in your articles will help with organic search results. In other words, higher placement on the search results page.
Learning what your prospective leads needs and problems are is key to creating good content for your digital marketing program. Then creating written content that talks to these topics will help your website become more authoritative. This in turn will help you rank higher for these keywords on the search engines.

So, in a nutshell, your website’s content should provide informational answers to a prospect seeking a solution you can fulfill. You can accomplish this match between your business offerings and your prospects problems though blog posts, FAQ page, white papers, and social media posts with keywords that highlight the problem.
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