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April 21, 2021

Your Website’s Written Content is King!


  • Content: The items that you use for promoting your brand to your target audience. For example: the copywritten material (words), the still images, and the audio and video recordings that you create and use for a marketing campaign. This includes the elements presented on web pages, blog articles, brochures, radio ads, and the like.
  • Content Marketing: Using specific content to reach your target market, like creating and sharing blog posts or articles in your business’s area of expertise, that in turn, get shared by others and hopefully link back to your website. This is useful to improve your search engine ranking – Organic SEO. Landing pages, social media posts, and other mediums are also used in content marketing.
  • Types of advertising: Print, radio, television, direct mail, and digital.
    • Print: Brochures, flyers, direct mail, Etc.
    • Radio and Television: Voice and video advertising – commercials.
    • Digital: Websites, landing pages, social media, keyword paid advertising, Etc.
  • Copywriting: The written material you compose and use in your marketing plan or campaign to help sell your products or services to a target market. Including a CTA – Call-To-Action – to answer the question, “What do you want me – your content viewer – to do”?
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    • If you are interested in learning more about Copywriting, here is a great article over on Crazy Egg’s blog page called Copywriting 101: The Beginner’s Guide

Why worry about it?

The primary function of your company’s website is to tell your brand’s story in pictures and words. Why should your target market buy your products or services? Tell them about what makes your brand different, special, and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Share some of what it is that gets you going every morning to drive you towards success and achieving your vision.

Remember, you have only a brief moment of time to capture a prospective client’s attention once they visit you web pages, social media pages, or any media used to advertise your brand. How many times have you received a direct mail item and immediately filed in the recycling bin sight unseen? We are inundated with so many different kinds advertisements trying to influences our purchases so really think about how to make your company stand out and get noticed by the ad-weary consumers you would like to reach.

So, SEO What?

Content creation for your company website is one of the key elements for good SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Giving Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines some good reading material helps your site score higher organically – non-paid top of page return for keywords used in a search. Designing for your authoritative digital voice helps in this SEO ranking domain and is better for most small businesses to consider over paid keyword advertisement.

Paid ads do have their place but first concentrate on the organic results, especially for local and regional small businesses. There are other considerations but a well planned written content strategy – from the written words on your website, writing informational blogs for content marketing, to other medias such as video blogging, Etc. – goes a long way to get your company noticed by the Search Bots crawling the internet.

Page by Page – Plan your written content strategy

Starting with each web page, blog article, social media post, and other marketing functionality to design a focused campaign to get the attention of new customers. Brand name recognition, industry statement, elevator pitch, and your value to a prospective client gets the ball rolling. If you would like to explore your options to get the most out of your marketing dollars and see where you might improve your company standing, give us a call and we can sit down and go over your options over a cup of coffee or tea.

Thank you for reading and happy small business building — CharleyBlue Designs a member of C and M Company Inc your one stop shop for your small business administrative needs in accounting and marketing. Serving the greater Reno, Nevada small business marketplace. Call to schedule a free consultation 775-525-6212 ext. 2


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