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Contractors – Builders – Tradesmen – Professionals in the construction industry

CharleyBlue Designs builds your website & content – specifically for contractors – to help showcase your company’s leadership within your specialty so you get more leads and bids. We focus on your Search Ranking through keyword strategy to highlight you and your brand in a crowded marketplace.

Website Design | Blog Posts | Social Media Management | Digital Content Writer

Websites Designed with Content to Reach Your Next Client

  1. Target your specialty so prospects find you.
  2. Reach out to your prospective clients with your industry-leading services
  3. Develop your marketing channels to reveal your results to your prospects
  4. Continue to be the leader by successful client solutions

The construction industry is tough. You’ve developed procedures and standards to exceed minimum code requirements. Finding, hiring, and training the right talent while competing in your local market takes the highest level of concentration and effort from you. And providing the best project to your clients while making a decent profit takes dedication.

CharleyBlue Designs writes copy to use on websites, landing pages, and social media posts. We concentrate in designing for the construction industry – contractors, builders, tradespersons. We help builders and contractors design a web presence to reach your desired audience – new customers looking for your excellence in construction.

Lead the competition – through your innovative client-focused solutions and let the world know!

Which Marketing Channels will you use?

Your Business Website

  • Blogs posts, FAQ pages, web pages, articles, writing
  • Sales copy focused on your brand’s value, identity, industry, specialty, and strengths
  • Web designed for responsive SEO ranking in Google & Bing Search
  • Dominant web design features utilizing the WordPress Content Management System
  • Managed WordPress Hosting on dedicated and secured servers
At CharleyBlue Designs, we design, build, and host websites that communicates the essence of your company’s best features to a market crowded with options. What makes you stand out from your competition? We can discover this together and then use it to your company’s advantage so that you gain new sales.

CharelyBlue Designs will take your brand and create copy that features your strengths, your commitment to your clients, and the high quality of expectations from your crews. We will design a market ready package that showcases your company’s benefits to your prospect.

CharleyBlue Designs

Modern Website Designs with Sales-Focused Copywriting

Your Brand Content Creation
Prospect-Centered Copy
Sales Letters
Website Copy
Content Writing
Blog Post Articles
SEO Keywords
Website Design & Production
Subject Matter Research
Modern Web Designs
Company Branding
SEO Keyword Research
Managed Hosting 
WordPress CMS
Custom Child Theme
Digital Marketing Growth
Social Media Campaigns
Digital Advertising with Analytics
Google Search/Google My Business
Content Research
Image Editing

Building your market exposure by expertly presenting your company’s mission to the world.

How can you get more visitors to view your website, understand your message, and chose your brand over your competition? Where does your website rank on the major search engines? Are your social media campaigns effective? Do you want to improve the outcome from your marketing budget?

Your website design, layout, and subject-matter content should focus on the unique features of your brand. We can help you with things like keyword research to increase your sites advantage over the competition through SEO – Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Our concern is to help you reach your addressable target market through extensively researched digital marketing production efforts. Whether though a well-designed website with content that best fits your company’s vision and mission or social media campaigns to keep your audience up to date so your brand and customers will both benefit, CharleyBlue Designs is here to help your message be heard.

Nevada Contractor’s Resources

image of roof truss & building plans
  • Nevada Chapter AGC – Associated General Contractors Nevada Chapter
  • ABC Nevada – Associated Building and Contractors
  • BANN – Builders Association of Northern Nevada

Client Projects

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Medium screenshot of website by CharleyBlue Designs

Website Designs

Let us help you present your company’s message through your mission and value propositions, your products or services, and your brand identity. We can take your business content and build a website that is attractive and functional.

graphics for a facebook campaign

Social Media Campaigns

We will design and create effective brand awareness graphics for your company’s social media pages. Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Search posts that get the attention of your audience.

Marketing Services

SEO Focused Website Designs and Content Development


Website Design & Development

Building your digital brand in a custom WordPress Theme.

  • Divi Theme Development
  • Custom WP Child Theme
  • SEO Focused Development
  • Implement Style Guide
  • Responsive Layout
  • Domain Name Registration
  • 1 Preliminary Design + 1 Final Design

Pricing is based on the scope of your project. Flat rate per project. Call for details and free proposal.

Let us help you build your company’s custom website.

Design | Layout | Optimization

The design, layout and execution of your company website requires careful planning to deliver a finished product that outshines the competition. The layout planning for all device screen sizes, the selection of your visual and written content, keyword planning for search-engine-optimization, and building a website to reach your target market.

Planning the website’s keyword specific headings – the titles of your page, sections and areas. Based on your company’s Value Proposition and your Target Audience, we design and build your unique business website.


Content Development

Do you need help pulling together the content for your brand’s internet presence?

  • Image Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Industry Research
  • Brand Identity Development
  • SEO – Content Optimization
  • Market Planning
  • Brand Style Guide

Pricing is based upon the scope of your project. Flat rate per project. Call for details and a free proposal.

Getting your marketing plan implemented in the digital sphere.

Strategy | Writing | Optimization

The importance of relevant written content that the Search Engine crawl-bots can read is critical for successful SEO development. We are interested in having your website get noticed by the major search engines allowing it to be returned to page-one search results.

We will research your company’s industry, competition, trade organizations, and other features to deliver the best information to your prospective customers. Who are you trying to reach? This questions asks us to define your target market so that we can plan a strategy to reach as many in this audience as possible.

Web Hosting Services

Managed WordPress Hosting Services

We take the hassle out of building and hosting your website. From designing responsive web apps to hosting the site files, we are there for your brand’s web presence success.

WordPress is a Content Management System, or CMS for short. As its name suggests, it is a means to organize the files that make up your website’s content – the images, blog post, textual information like paragraphs, links inside and outside of your site, videos, and the like.

Our hosting packages securely maintain these files on Cloud servers. When a visitor requests your website, these files will be sent to their browser. They will view your website content on their computer screen – Desktop, Table, or Mobile.

Our WordPress Hosting Packages


Choice Maintenance Package – $49/month *

Small Business Package

  • Managed WordPress for 1 website up to 3GB
  • Up to 4000 Visitors per month
  • 24/7/365 security
  • SSL security certificate
  • Premium WP Theme License included
  • Nightly backups
  • One email address
  • Up to 1/2-hour content edits per month
  • Annual Domain Name Registration with one year agreement – conditions apply.

* Design and development services are available but are not included in hosting package prices. Conditions may apply.


Premier Maintenance Package – $79/month *

Blogging, E-Commerce, Portfolio

  • Managed WordPress Hosting for 1 website up to 5GB
  • Content Delivery Network for speed
  • Up to 10,000 visitors per month
  • 24/7/365 security
  • SSL security certificate
  • Premium WP Theme License
  • Nightly backups
  • Up to 2-hours site development per month
  • Three email addresses
  • SEOPress Pro Optimization
  • Google My Business Management
  • Annual Domain Name Registration with one year agreement – conditions apply.

* Design and development services are available but are not included in hosting package prices. Conditions may apply.

* Note: Website design & development and content creation & editing are not included with hosting packages. Domain Name Registration price includes .com domain names that are available or owned by you.
Other terms and conditions apply.

The files that make up your website’s content – the images and other graphics, written words, buttons and links, and design elements – need to be stored on a web server so that your audience can view them in their browser. As part of our Managed WordPress Hosting services, we maintain the computer server security, bandwidth, software updates, provide your site with an SSL Security Certificate, and perform daily site backups. Managed and maintained for you.

Other Services

Other Digital Marketing Help


Social Media Management

No time to maintain your company pages?

  • Facebook Business Page posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • Correct image sizing
  • Ad campaigns

Pricing starts at $60.00/hour

Getting your marketing plan implemented in the digital sphere.


Digital Advertising

Can you use help with advertising?

  • Google Ads
  • Yelp Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads

Share Your Brand to the World!


Web Design

Customer-Focused business websites



Reaching your target prospects is priority #one



Keyword research for your search ranking


Social Media

Keep your followers and prospects informed