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August 9, 2021

Why does your business need a good website?

Designing a website that attracts interest with the customers that you seek to do business with is the reason that we spend so much time and effort on meeting Search Engine Optimization -SEO- objectives. Creating your site to be indexed and ranked higher organically by the major search engines gives your brand the power of future recognition. Building this brand recognition begins with an intelligent approach to web design.

Keyword Strategy

You may have heard that keyword competition can be really tough and this is true. That is why you need to target you written content around a sound keyword strategy such as using long-tail keywords, or longer keyword phrases, in your design. Ranking in the search engines for a multi-word phrase relating to your business objectives is a little easier than a single or double word keyword.

Content is very important

Creating good web page content relating to your business focus and desired target market reach is the cornerstone of creating a good website that ranks high. Your content should reflect the subject matter expert that your company is and that you want the world to know about. Your business is the authority in your field and your website should reflect this in providing authoritative information to the intended audience.

CharleyBlue Designs has been helping local small business succeed for 4 years

Do you need some help in the web design and content creation area of your marketing strategy? We can be at the ready to help you design a good website experience and to reach a broader target market. Call today to discuss ways to improve your market reach.


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