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Charley Blewett - founder of CharleyBlue Designs

Written by Charley Blewett

Founder of the marketing firm, CharleyBlue Designs. I love UX/UI/SEO development for my client's benefit and audience reach!

November 2, 2022

Getting more prospects!

How can you bring more prospects to your existing business? If you have a thriving established business, how will you continue to attract new customers and gain new sales?

For the local service companies that we help, one very timely tactic is to provide a great website experience. Show your audience how your company provides effective solutions to the problems people are searching for answers online.

What are people searching for that you can help them resolve? Answering this question takes researching trends, keywords, and other analytical information. Google is a good resource for conducting this research.

Learn about your prospects’ pain-points and combine with how your services alleviate them. Pairing what terms your prospects are looking for with your offering allows the search engines to rank your site. The more relevant your website’s information is to what terms people are searching for, the better your search ranking.

Achieving this balance on your company website will mean reaching the goal of more eyes on your web page.

More visitors to your web page and then converting to an inquiry should be the goal of a marketing campaign that is targeting growth. Identifying the links between your target audiences needs and your services will go a long way in determining the direction of your website construction.

Information & Communication

Communicating to this target audience in a manner that better addresses the problems/solutions theme will help you build credibility. Are they searching for a local plumbing contractor or how to repair a leaky sink faucet? Provide the business information to help make a transaction and relevant technical details that relate to your specialties.

Provide information that relates to the most searches in your field of expertise. For our plumber, tell the world that you are a local plumbing contractor as well as general information about basic plumbing repairs. Lead your next customer through a story that relates to their search query coupled with best solutions and information.

Ranking high on search engine results page

Good Organic search engine results page ranking means that your web page information shows up on the first page. To get near the top of page one, your website needs two things; 1. Time. 2. Quality Content.

Time is needed for the search engine crawler bots to index your website. Matching your content to what is relevant to users is what the search engines look for. This takes time.

Quality content for the search engine to compare with what terms users are using. Your content has to be relevant to your business and to the users.

Getting this right will go a long way in helping people learn about your business and consider buying your services. There is a lot of work to do but the rewards can be very favorable to your goals and bottom line.

Build your reputation & increase your sales!


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